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Why Ice Cream Does Not Freeze in Freezer




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Ice cream should freeze in your freezer. But sometimes it doesn’t. This is often caused by one of three things: fat content in the product, the temperature of the evaporator fan or the Homogenisation and Stabilisers. Let’s take a closer look at each one.


Ice creams are prepared using a variety of ingredients including milk, sweetening agents, stabilizers and flavoring. The ice cream mixture is then frozen, and the final product can be consumed. The mix will absorb air during the freezing process. Hence, it is important to properly homogenize the mixture to prevent this from occurring.

Structure is affected by the amount of fat in the ice-cream mixture. Ice creams prepared with lower fat content showed less hardness. However, it is important to note that this does not necessarily mean that fat globules do not contribute to the structure of ice cream mixes.

why ice cream does not freeze in freezer

Particle size distribution is another important factor in the structure of ice cream. It has been shown that high pressure homogenisation reduces the size of fat globules and enhances the rheological properties of the colloidal phase.

Ultrasound treatment can also improve the stability and stability of emulsions. This is due to the cavitation effects.


Stabilizers are ingredients which improve the texture, appearance, and taste of ice cream. They also help extend the product’s shelf life.

The majority of stabilizers are polysaccharide foods gums. The effects of these substances depend on the composition of the ice cream. For example, guar gum is a great stabilizer for ice cream. Guar gives the ice cream body and adds a chewy texture. It does not protect the cream from heat shock.

Xanthan gum is another ingredient that can help to create a smooth finish. This powder has eight times more thickening power than cornstarch. Xanthan is a great choice for low-fat icecream.

Carrageenan is another stabilizing ingredient in ice cream. Carrageenan is an additive derived from red seaweed. Lambda carrageenan is effective at adding creaminess to melted ice cream.

Stabilizers are commonly combined with emulsifiers to achieve a greater effect. Emulsifiers improve the stability of the product by increasing the viscosity of the mix.

Fat content

If you want to know whether the fat content of ice cream freezes in the freezer, you will find that the answer is no. Ice cream is a frozen foam solution made of water and stabilizers. Ice creams typically contain milk solids and flavorings, stabilizers as well as egg yolk and sugar. The texture and mouthfeel of ice creams are affected by fat, which makes up a large portion of the solids.

Ice creams can be legally classified and standardized. They must contain at minimum 10% fat, which includes butterfat as well as milk fat. The milk solids are whey, lactose and protein. These can range from 9 to 12% in a gallon of ice cream.

In addition to the fat content, other physical parameters were also measured. For instance, viscosity, density, and melting rate were all measured. The viscosity of ice cream mix decreased with the increase in fat content.

Ice cream with a higher fat content allows for a longer churning process. This results in a creamier texture.

Fan of the Evaporator

Evaporator fan problems can cause ice cream to not freeze in your freezer. The refrigerator motor that circulates the air through the freezer is called the evaporator fan. It is important for a freezer to have proper airflow. Open the freezer door and listen out for any noises.

A bad motor is likely to cause a loud clicking or buzzing sound from the fan. You can use a multimeter to test the continuity of the motor windings. Also, you can turn the fan blades to make sure they are turning freely.

Another possible cause of an evaporator fan problem is a clogged defrost drain. Defrost drains can be clogged with ice or other debris. Water can leak into the freezer if a drain is blocked. This can lead to the freezer temperature rising.

The performance of the fan can also be affected by ice buildup on the coils. To correct this issue, clean out the coils.

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