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Ice Cream Lesson Plans For Toddlers




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If you are looking for some fun ice cream lesson plans for your preschool classroom, you have come to the right place. This article is filled with activities that will teach your students about ice cream, math, literacy, fine motor skills and more!

This printable activity will help your students develop letter recognition and upper and lower case letter identification. It also helps them practice writing names.

1. Ice Cream Sensory Bag

A sensory bag is a great way for toddlers to explore their senses. They’re easy to make and they provide a sensory experience that they’ll love.

They’re also a great way to teach kids about their core senses, including touch, sight, sound and taste. Sensory bags also help kids develop fine motor skills and learn about how different materials work.

In this activity, preschoolers will use their sense of smell to create ice cream. It’s a fun science experiment that works on fine and gross motor skills while providing a tasty treat in the process!

ice cream lesson plans for toddlers

2. Ice Cream Sweep

This simple activity is a great way for kids to practice their fine motor skills. It promotes tripod grip and gross grasp, hand-eye coordination, and more!

To make this activity, all you need is a large box or tray with a lip. You can also use a sheet of paper with a rim.

You can also use small pom poms, cut up pieces of pipe cleaners, or rainbow rice as pretend sprinkles.

This is a great ice cream themed activity that is a fun way to help toddlers and preschoolers improve their fine motor skills! It’s also a good idea to teach kids about life skills like keeping the house tidy and putting away dishes.

3. Ice Cream Math

Ice Cream Math is a great way to introduce preschoolers and pre-k children to addition. This summer math activity is full of fun task cards and playdough to help kids learn.

This ice cream math activity works on counting, sorting and addition skills. Young children can use this activity to count a variety of ice cream scoops, such as brown and pink, and add them up.

This activity also encourages children to use their hand-eye coordination and tripod grip. They will need to use their fingertip or pom pom to add up the correct number of ice cream scoops.

4. Origami Ice Cream Cones

With just a piece of paper, children can make a cute ice cream cone. This is a great project to help kids develop their fine motor skills.

With only a few folds and a little help from a grown-up, these 3D origami swirl ice cream cones from World Of Art And Craft are not too challenging for toddlers to do.

They can also be made into bookmarks or a garland for display in the home or a classroom.

This fun ice cream theme can be used in both preschool and kindergarten to teach children about sharing, motor skills, and literacy. These ice cream lesson plans will be sure to keep your students interested and engaged!

5. Ice Cream Letter Recognition Game

Letter recognition is one of the very first skills a child will learn in school. This is a foundational skill that helps them to progress on to reading and eventually writing.

Preschool letter worksheets are great for teaching kids to recognize letters, as well as strengthening hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. They’re also a fun way to sneak in some learning while they’re having fun!

This ice cream letter recognition game is the perfect way to help preschoolers work on their letter recognition and matching skills! Simply print the pdf file and cut out the cones and scoops of ice cream to play with.

This activity is also a great opportunity for kids to practice their social skills as they ask each other questions about how they’re feeling. Having the ability to read how someone feels can be helpful for their future in social settings and they’ll love doing this activity with their friends!

6. Ice Cream Shape Playdough Mats

Ice Cream Shape Playdough Mats are a fun way to help toddlers work on their skills while having lots of sensory input. They also help children learn the shapes of a variety of different items.

Hand strength, endurance for coloring, accuracy with scissors, and dexterity are all skills that are developed through these ice cream shape play dough mats.

They can also be used over the summer break when you want to give kids some extra practice and build their fine motor skills in a non-stressful environment.

Besides using these mats to work on their hands and motor skills, they also allow for free play which helps children to develop creativity, imagination, and social skills. It’s a great activity to use on a rainy day or when you have time for some playtime.

7. Ice Cream Sensory Bag

The Ice Cream Sensory Bag is a fun and educational activity that will help your toddler develop their sensory skills. The activity is easy to make, mess-free and a great way to introduce your toddler to a variety of textures.

It is also a great tool to develop your toddler’s fine motor skills as they learn to manipulate different materials and toys in the bag.

You will need a Ziploc bag, food coloring and shaving cream of your choice. Fill the bag to at least a third of the way with paint and shaving cream, then remove as much air as you can, seal and tape the edges.

8. Ice Cream Sensory Bag

Sensory play is one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s brain development and engage their senses. People of all ages learn better when they are able to experience multiple senses at once.

Sensory bags are a great way to provide this kind of activity and engagement for infants. They are easy to make and can contain a variety of items.

The ice cream sensory bag is a simple yet fun idea for toddlers that will help them develop motor skills. They will love squishing and exploring all the different textures and colors. This activity also works well for calming down when your toddler is feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

9. Ice Cream Sensory Bag

Sensory bags are a great activity for toddlers because they engage multiple senses in one fun experience. They can be very easy to make and use materials you already have on hand.

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Typically sensory bags consist of a bag, some sort of thick fluid to fill it with and a variety of small items for baby to look at and explore. Expect baby to drool on, slap and push on the bag for anywhere from 1-10 minutes, which is awesome attention-span building, hand eye coordination, visual scanning and sensory exploration (learn why this is so important).

This oil and water sensory bag activity is easy to set up and uses just oil, water and some food coloring and glitter. It is a perfect way to calm and relax your child while also helping them learn about the properties of oil and water.

10. Ice Cream Sensory Bag

Sensory bags are an excellent way to engage toddlers in sensory play without using toxic ingredients. They are also great for tummy time because they are very squishy, which helps strengthen hand and finger muscles in little hands.

Toddlers love to squish and squeeze, which is an important part of their development and learning. They also improve their visual skills and color recognition as they squish and mix the different colors in the bag.

This activity is easy to make and very inexpensive! It can be made with things you already have in your house.

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